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  1. Sorry, but the bottom of my post indicates that your browser has to be online. Gmap4 is based on the Google map API (application program interface). That API only works if your browser is online.
  2. (I was not able to make the links work correctly. Hopefully an admin can fix them.) Scouts like good maps, right? I am the developer of Gmap4 which can display detailed topographic maps for the USA and Canada as well as the standard Google map views worldwide. All scouts are welcome to use Gmap4 to surf maps and to include Gmap4 links in emails, blogs, forums, websites, Facebook, etc. What kind of map can you display with a Gmap4 link? Below are some examples. Here is a topographic map of the Philmont area. To see a very high resolution topographic map, please first zoo
  3. AK, If your crew would like to check out an online topographic map, here's a link that will open a map centered at Harlan Camp: http://www.mappingsupport.com/p/gmap4.php?ll=36.516032,-105.017626&t=t4&z=15
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