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  1. There is a group of Webelos II, who will be entering the 5th grade in September and will have completed the Arrow of Light requirements, whose parents want to move them up to Boy Scouts in September instead of waitng until the traditional February/March ceremony. One of my reservations on this is the maturity of these boys, I know some of the conversations the 14 year old boys had were shocking for my 11 year old. Another concern is there are about 10 boys who moved up in the spring and have not attempted winter camping and are going to need guidance and help from the older scouts, but if 5 more boys move up who have not experienced true Boy Scout camping at all it will be very stressful for these Scouts to take care of themselves, the boys who moved up last spring and brand new scouts. I do understand there are programs where the boys only do one year Webelos and get there Arrow of Lights, but I know these boys start a year later and therefore are more mature. As you can tell it is nothing personal, but I don't want these boys to move up and feel my hands are tied. Is there a legitimate way to decline these boys from coming into the troop so early.
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