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  1. No need to get your undies in a bunch! I happened to go thru that program and thought it was great! I'm sorry you don't like it, but I did. I do think it's funny that you think the whole thing was geared towards "Urban Scouting". I think that basic lessons in subjects such as: Camping, Conservation, Cooking, Environment, First Aid, Hiking, and Swimming (that's seven out of the twelve)are good skills to learn. But I don't want to turn this into a debate over the value of skill awards. I like them. You don't. Enough said.
  2. My thought was that if I could find out who was making the cub scout ones, I could get them to just bend the metal to fit a Boy Scout belt, that has to be the cheapest way.
  3. ...and I will use spell check to make sure the words are spelled right LOL
  4. Troops actually have the power to establish their own troop level awards. I was thinking of revisiting the old skill awards and updating them where they warrent. I think it was a great way for older Scout to teach skills to new scouts.
  5. I'm toying with the idea of bringing back skill awards for our troop, but I need to know who makes them so I can have them made wide enough for a boy scout belt as opposed to the narrower cub scout one.
  6. Does anyone know who manufactures the metal cub scout belt loops or the old Boy Scout Skill awards? I'm working on a project.
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