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  1. Thanks for the replies. I know that most of you are interested in BSA stuff but if you have an interest in enamal pins you might want to look at those issued by the Scouts of Thailand. There is a different color/badge for each rank. These are just plain beautiful, works of art. They are hard to find. I have a complete set and I might be able to find more for someone really interested. Sorry I do not know of a site that shows them, you might find them pictured on the sites of various collectors. The Boy Scouts of Thailand rarely if ever answers email (even WOSM complians about them)
  2. When I was first a scouter in Canada we wore the plumes. I thought that they were very appropriate. At one time every country in the world used them except the US. Basicly because they were the design of our founder B-P. It is a pity that the uS did not use them as they are much more visible and distingquished than the enamel pins. today only a few countries in the far east use them. The UK scouts issued two different issues for the Jambo 2007. I have a small collection of these plumes that I have made over the years and may be able to supply a few to someone who needs. Ian
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