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  1. we took a ten mile hike about a month ago and in order to keep minds off of foot pain and leg pain i started singing repeet after me chants to raise moral they worked and i was set as the groops chearmaster however i have run out of chants and am in desprate need for more any suggustons i need repeet after me ones so the entire groop is involved any at all will be appreciated thanks
  2. the other boys in my troop are not that into wildlife and for us the only thing getting us through the hikes are the chants they are fun and keep the mind off of sore feet and legs
  3. hay i am going to philmont in a couple days and i need some hikeing chants to keep moral up. preferbaly the short ones like yellow bird with a yellow bill sittin on my window sill lured him in with crumbs of bread then i smashed his little head sound off sound off have you got anything like that please give it to me
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