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  1. Chef Toni is a friend of mine. I am helping him out with some recipes for campfire cooking! ohhh I like the idea of the 'Dushlan Corp' on http://www.mafikeng.ontheweb.com It is very like your Eagle Scout award in BSA. isn't it?
  2. hey that was quick. http://www.mafikeng.ontheweb.com now has their Syllabuses up under 'Corp System' now, i just checked...I'll read through them myself. Efficient too...! I reckon they are in for a prize in ur comp jude. I'll have a look around too, most troops seem to have a fairly basic layout and similar content. MAFIKENG MANUAL seems different. My troop dosn't have a site ;-( BTW, my book is on cooking. 'CAMP COOKING WITH CHEF TONI'... The publishers here went for it like a light. well....let's search!
  3. Hmmm I took a good review through their stuff. Filled in the 'Leave a message' box. The scoutmaster replied, he is going to publish their ACTUAL corp syllabuses for each age group. Could be interesting. They also promised 52 program sheets for troop meeting nights! wow, what a resource when it happens. anyhow, back to writing my book. I'll keep u all posted when they do. -Gorge Walker (England)
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