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  1. I would concur with the poster that mentioned Buffalo Trail. But I can guarantee that the Camp in Bastrop,TX will be top notch. Especially if Mark Smith is still involved with that camp. Mark can also take credit for the program at BTSR, it was under his direction for many years. It belongs to the Capitol Area Council in Austin. I would also consider Constantine. The program at Sid Richardson (Longhorn Council)is great but may not be worth the trouble and hassle. They always have too many boys and too few staff for my standards. If your boys like to eat, better bring some extra food. If you want to get top notch service in all aspects of Summer Camp. I would take a good look at Camp Post (South Plains Council). They have a great staff, I'm biased because I was their Director for 3 years. Trust me, they take great care of their boys, and Out of Council boys as well. The merit badges are earned and not handed out. The program is full and you will most likely leave a better Troop than when you arrived. The patrol method is actually in practice. It is hot, but the pool is cool aquifer water. Some others I think are great. Camp Tonkawa (Texas Trails Council) Worth Ranch (Longhorn Council)-may still have food issues. Tradition is unsurpassed. If I had a troop. I would find out where Mark Smith was working and that is where I would go. IMHO, he's the greatest Program Director alive. What ever that means.
  2. One Hour, Sid is a wonderful place. I was on staff there for 5 years and a camper for 3. I am now an District Executive and Camp Director for South Plains Council, and I run our camps in the same way. It has been several years since I have been there for camp, but my father (Scoutmaster and Council Commissioner) goes every other year, and assures me that the tradition is very alive. SID is hot, but the staff keeps the camp so incredibily busy that there is no time to worry. There is 17 miles of lake shoreline, so Sid is an Aquatics dream! The Longhorn Council prides itself in its camping facilities, Sid is second to none. All LHC camps have tremendous camp staffs. Many staffers you will find have been there for more than 2 years. They put the boys first. This is not just a saying to them, they back it up with action. Its hot and there are a few mosquitos, so be prepared. They have wood platforms and canvas wall tents. The LHC spends alot of money keeping there tents and campsites in great shape. Again, do not worry, your boys will have more variety of fun and challenge that they could imagine. Someone else will have to help you on the food, etc. I have been gone too long to comment on that. Hope this helps.
  3. Hey Scouters, Just wanted to make you aware of a great throwback camp in the mountains of New Mexico. Tres Ritos is located 40 miles south of Taos, NM in the Carson National Forest. Our philosophy is in order to gain happiness you must give it to someone else. We want to make your scout feel like he is in 'heaven for Boy Scouts'. If you want more information please go to www.southplainscouncil.org and click on Summer Camp Leaders guide. Our camp is patrol cooking. We also have a backpacking program called Pecos Packers. While its 110 degrees in Texas, its 70 degrees at TR. We have a few campsites remaining this year. Our weekly attendence will be from 100 to 175 scouts per week, inclding Pecos Packers. If you like a good camper to staff ratio, TR is the place. By the way, Wednesday is a free day for Troops. Ths that you can do some exploring in the area. Taos has mountain biking, rafting, museums, and many other things. Many troops take day hikes to Jacarita Peak. We are flexible so check us out for this summer or keep us in mind for next. Kingfish
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