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  1. Gentlemen, Thank you all for your responses. And, Eagledad, I think you are right about those 'stepped on toes'. I like the idea that several of you mentioned of having him come up with his own ideas of how to serve the troop, getting them down on paper, and then asking the SM for a meeting. You all are right that he is kind of the first in this position in our troop and it is a learning curve for him and the troop as to how to use him. Thanks again for your thoughtful responses. Frances from Texas Proud Mom of Eagle Scout Paul
  2. Hi All, I'm new to the Forum and this is my first time to post. My son is 16 and an Eagle Scout. I am a member of the Troop Committee. What is the proper place for an Eagle Scout who would like to stay active in his Troop as best he can with high school sports and a heavy academic load? He was appointed by the old Scoutmaster as a JASM, but that is causing some members of the Troop Committee heartburn. (The old Scoutmaster left abruptly. We have a new Scoutmaster who is still getting up on the learning curve.) Should there be an Eagle Patrol? Does he stay in his old patrol? Most
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