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  1. As most of you said, I wasn't planning on worrying about ranks because of the limited time I have in the scouts, just looking to see what you all thought. The merit badges(the skills obtained from them) and friends who actually know something about camping were what drew us in. Blake&Adams, that's sound advice you guys provided. I imagine I'll be helping whenever they ask for it; they're not very bashful which helps. Varsity scouting may not be a bad idea, I plan on going to college when I'm 18 but it will be in-state so it wouldn't be so bad. Thank you for all the help, it's all very useful !(This message has been edited by Allure)
  2. I've been in cub scouts before but not boy scouts; I always wanted to do boy scouts but didn't really have the opportunity until now. I have just recently joined the boy scouts at the seemingly late age of 17, with my 2 younger brothers. We're home schooled and really hyped up; we've been to our first meeting and they were very welcoming. I have the time to dedicate to boy scouts, but I'm really curious how much I can expect to do before my 18th birthday. I intend do the best I can, but I was just looking for a realistic analysis. Any information provided would be much appreciated!
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