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  1. NoRules/Eagle92 Right now we are meeting in the Community Center and I've got a meeting with the superintendent of the school district to see if we can use the school cafeteria for our monthly pack meetings. Once I meet with the superintendent then I'm going to go see what I can find out from the Lion's club and go from there. Thank you both for your suggestions I'll definitely look into other CO's if I can't find or get in contact with anyone from my current one. I'll let you know what comes up.
  2. Had a nice talk with the Scout office, found out the old CubMaster's number and left a message for him, and found out that our City Lion's Club is the CO, and the CO Rep is also the Committee Chair. Now the problem is getting in contact with the CO Rep, I've got a number but it's been disconnected, and I have looked on the Lion's website to try to find the local chapter and they don't even have the local chapter listed. I think once I can meet with the CO rep and maybe the committee if we have one that it'll be a lot easier than what I'm thinking right now. Just have to get some organization in it and get the group running like the BSA says and it'll be fine.
  3. Oh man, I have a bunch of questions for the Scout council office now. I'm going to call them this morning and see what I can find out. I need to find out who my: Charter Organization CO Representative Committee Chair - if we have one Committe Members - if we have any Who the past CM was and how to contact him, he was at the roundup. Many many questions. Thank you all for pointing me in the right direction. I think the past CM was sort of a "I can do it all" CM. He handled the money, fund raising, scout bucks, and registration for all the camps and everything. They really didn't have any Pack meetings and I honestly don't think there was a committee, but I'll find all that out today and let you all know what I hear. Thank you very much for all the wisdom you have bestowed on me. I do greatly appreciate it.
  4. AlFansome & Shortridge Thank you both for your replies. I will definitely find out about our CO, I haven't found that out yet. 1) I'll talk with our parents the end of this month about the uniforms at our pack meeting and get them and the scouts on board with the uniforms. Great Idea about having a raffle for the "best dressed". I saw a uniform inspection thing and maybe I can do a point range system such as 50-60 points 1 ticket, 60-70 2 tickets and so on. Might have to get something good to show at the pack meeting too. OH!! Can do a thing for the best den, who has the highest points, and give them a trophy or something. You've got my gears turning on that one. 2) I haven't heard anything about yearly or monthly dues, but that sounds like a great idea. It's $10/year for our council and $12/year for the Boy's Life subscription, but another $28 for a total of $50 wouldn't be too bad would it? Our area's average income is 31K - 39K/yr. So, they might not be too upset about that. 3)We are going to try to use the local school's cafeteria and they said we could use their flag, plus each den leader is going to get a US flag for their den. I know with the flag ceremonies we are supposed to have a pack flag and US flag. 4)Ok, I didn't know WB wouldn't help more with a CM, but I know in the long run it will be helpful. I will definitely look at the other courses you mentioned too. Thanks 5) Cool, I didn't know if the Webelos would or not, I knew the Boy Scouts did, but wasn't too sure. Thanks!! 6) Great I'll do that and get it to them once I speak with all the den leaders and get their ideas/suggestions.
  5. Hello all mind if I sit around the virtual campfire with you? I've got a few questions, but first some backstory. My son just joined Wolf Cubs, well, I was actively involved in Boy scouts about 15 years ago as a Boy scout, I made it as far as First Class, but turned 18 and was done since we didn't have any venturing scout groups around. Well, I really enjoyed it and was more than happy when my son decided he wanted to be in scouts. We went to the meeting our District Director (DD) offered, we currently don't have a DE, and it was a great chance to see what the cub scouts can do. I didn't offer up at that time to handle a Den or anything because I was starting school the next week, working on my BBA, and didn't know what my class schedule was going to be and didn't want to do a poor job and let down the cubs and my son. So I held off until I knew my schedule. Well, I called the DD and talked to him and the Cub Master had backed out he was the ROTC instructor at the High School, Science Teacher there, and going to get his Masters. Well one thing let to another and I decided I'd do it. We need some one too and I figured I wasn't going to just send my son to be babysat..lol This all occured about 2 weeks ago. Since then I have completed all the online training, we have the Cub Leader Training in about 2 weeks, and Baloo training that same day, plus I have a Roundtable I'm planning on attending on the 10th. We've had our first Leader meeting where we set the Pack Meeting schedule and that's about as far as we have gone. Well, here's the start of my questions: 1) Out of 35 kids we have 4 that are previous Cub Scouts, how quickly do we need to get the parents to get the uniforms? 2) Our Popcorn sales aren't starting until the 17th of this month and after talking with the only previous den leader I have found we had no bank account, the previous CM just handled the money, we have 8 scout bucks, and talking to the Council we have $1.29 on our pack account there. What do I do for funds for the boys between now and then time the popcorn sales are over. I don't want to discourage the other 30 families from staying in scouts by constantly asking for money for them to do things, the uniform will be enough for many of them to spend on scouts so far. If I donated some of my own money to try to do things for them would I have to give it to the District or can I just donate it to the troop? 3) We don't have a Pack flag, where can I get one? Is it only the council that has them? 4) I would love to go through Wood Badge training is there a way for me to find any other councils that are offering it locally? The last one my council had was back in 2006. Is there any other training that is recommended by any of you that would be helpful? 5) I'm also an American Heart Association instructor (CPR, First Aid, Healthcare Provider CPR, and Adavanced Cardiac Life Support) would the Cub scouts, more specifically the Webelos need CPR/First Aid for anything they will be learning? 6) Final question I promise! If I wanted to do a fund raiser such as getting a bunch of baskets and filling them with gifts and other items to sell, could I do that and even have name brand items in the baskets? What restrictiions are there on what we can and can't do for fund raising? I know we can ask for funds without any thing in return, and we can't ask for donations like the Salvation Army, but can we use name brand items in something like this idea and sell it as a gift basket/pack? Thank you all ahead of time for your help and words.
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