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    Why Venturing?

    LFL is still part of the boy scouts. I have my Boy Scout registration card to prove it. I dont know about it being part of the publications division, but our charter, registration, and our council administration is all the same as regular BSA.
  2. ExplorerCaptainLafferty

    Why Venturing?

    NJCubScouter, Thank you for your question about Exploring. The members of my post who wear the commendation bar for the rank of eagle scout, had already recieved the rank before joining our post. I am not sure if it is possible to be enrolled in a troop and an explorer post at the same time, (and still be able to advance in rank,) but in order for an explorer to recieve their commendation bar for Eagle Scout, the requirements are that they must have already recieved it through the BSA, and they must have one year of service to the post. The commendation bar only signifies that the explorer is an Eagle Scout, and is therefore able to proudly display this on their uniform. The best way to think of it, is that If an officer was injured in the line of duty with a department, and then began working for another department, he would still wear his purple heart. The eagle scout commendation just carries over from one uniform to the next. On the issue of females, they are also given the same commendation award for achieving the highest rank in girl scouts, and just the same, theirs carries over. If you would like more info on the Explorer program, it's ties with the boyscouts, and the awards that we earn, you can visit the learning for life website, at http://www.learning-for-life.org/exploring/lawenforcement/index.html Thank you.
  3. ExplorerCaptainLafferty

    Why Venturing?

    I am the Captain, (and post president) of my Police Explorer Post in Sylvania, Ohio. I do not know alot about the Venturing program, but I can tell you, my post is still a part of scouts. Learning for life is a part of both the Boy Scouts, and the Girl Scouts. Our charter comes from the BSA, our regulations for activities and procedures come from our local Erie Shores Councilmaster, and we share the same spirit and quality that scouting was founded on. The rank of Eagle Scout is proudly displayed by recipients on their uniform with a red white and blue police commendation bar, and we also apply for and achieve the quality unit award. Our group accepts both male and female Explorers, which I think is possibly a big difference from Venturing. I assure you that anyone who has doubts about the scouting spirit and foundation being tought in the Explorer program is sadly mistaken. I advanced through the cubscouts, and then to the rank of First Class Boy Scout. Our uniforms may be blue, and I may wear a badge, but my post and I are and always will be "Scouts." "Our Best Today for a Better Tomorrow." Explorers Forever.