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  1. "Another approach is to try to go camping on those weekends for a 3 day trip. We have done that with good success. Especially MLK day where the youth are off and many parents have to work. Thus, it gets the boys out doing something constructive instead of potentially having too much unsupervised time as some of these holidays become. Emily, You appear to be new to this forum. I would like to kindly and respectfully ask you to reconsider the decision making ability of the youth in your troop (this is Boy Scouts and NOT Cubs). Though they need guidance, this is the time for them to beg
  2. "Historically, our troop, which meets on Monday nights, didn't meet on any holiday. But the SM and I had discussed how there was no reason not to meet on the "minor" holidays, like Columbus Day, MLK's birthday, and President's Day. So the calendar presented to the troop committee showed troop meetings on those days." As a DL, I'm not as familiar with the calendar set up by a PLC, but based on your post, it seems that the boys have very little to do with this problem. The tension is: You (the ASM) and the SM defined "minor" holidays, but then the committee (the parents) decided they weren
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