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  1. Because you asked... When we contacted the local GSUSA, they absolutely refused to allow a troop to meet or to be supported IN ANY WAY by a Church... That must have been a local policy since I read that others haven't had that problem. All we wanted was a scouting program for our girls. Nothing else... So, we started our own program. Now we are glad we didn't start a GSUSA troop.
  2. In answer to NJCubScouter's questions: Yes, we have designed our own badges of rank,etc. but we do not currently have an "official" uniform. We have designed a sash that all the badges are worn upon and the girl dresses according to a color code that is similar to the BSA uniform (e.g. junior girls wear navy tops & bottoms. The BSA handbooks are specified as reference books for the girls to use but we have a paperback booklet that lists the requirements for the girl badges. Our structure is as close to cub and boy scout structure as possible considering that we have just begun the
  3. I think the GSUSA would have to make several radical changes to come anywhere near the BSA program. It would require a radical change in their philosophy - not likely to happen. Instead, I would prefer a BSA program that runs side-by-side with the cubs and the scouts. Separate dens and patrols, but same program.
  4. As a COR of a pack and troop, my chartered organization (a church) wanted a program for the girls but the GSUSA was unwilling to cooperate (they don't have chartered organizations and they didn't want a church involved in their program). So, we took the BSA program, changed the names and badges, and enrolled our girls in the Learning For Life program of the BSA. The girls have their own dens and patrols but share pack meetings and Courts of Honor and one or two campouts a year. We now have more girls registered than boys (55 to 50) and the program is growing almost faster than we can keep up w
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