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    Glad to hear it worked out. Not to be too picky here in the happy aftermath of the project approval, but an Eagle project is not a troop function. It is a function of the Eagle candidate, within the parameters of the approval given by the project beneficiary, and with the assistance of "others" - all of whom, some of whom or none of whom may be Scouts and/or Scouters in the troop. Potentially the candidate could be the only member of the troop who works on the project (although I have never seen this happen.) Of course, there should be coordination between the candidate and the troop, because most times the candidate will be relying on members of the troop to be his "workers," and the workers can't work if they are instead on a camping trip somewhere. But this kind of coordination and cooperation does not make the project a troop function; it is same kind of coordination and cooperation that leads us not to schedule a fundraising activity that would directly compete with a fundraiser of our CO - or any other community group, if we can avoid it. It's just good citizenship.