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    I know there are many well meaning people working at the National level. However, I would wager that a lot of rational people would say that somehow, the ship has lost its rudder. Frankly, I think it's time for local units to work toward a down-up reorganization, because our parent organization is clearly not meeting our needs. Successful organizations do not operate this way. You are attempting to normalize something that is largely dysfunctional and unresponsive. The idea of National patting us on the head and saying, "Go, shepherd, go tend your sheep and don't worry about all this," is not going to help BSA survive long term. We're right to question. We're right to demand more. We're right to look for ways to make this relationship more functional. If we're in this for the scout, we're compelled to.
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    If it jumps from $33 to $100, I see a lot of folks dropping. Lots of families (and units) simply cannot handle that much of an increase.
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    Okay let's refrain from personal attacks. Hopefully, tomorrow Oct 23, we will have a better understanding of BSA priorities. Thanks. RS @desertrat77 @MattR @John-in-KC
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    Withdrawn from social engineering? First they invited gay youth to be members, then gay men to be Scout Masters. Transgenders? Oh what the heck, y'all come on, too! And since BSA now allows girls to be in the BOY Scouts, you don't even have to stick to the gender you pick. Duty to God? Don't ask, don't tell; okay? WHAT TRADITIONAL SOCIAL BOUNDARIES ARE LEFT? I'd say that the Left has departed the field in utter victory. What else could they hope to accomplish? Drive all the straight males from the program? Wait. Maybe if BSA de-emphasizes the outdoors in the program, all the real men will get bored and drop out....
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    I don't disagree with any of what you just said. Just not sure what I can do with it. As a local volunteer, I have three choices: ignore the rules and run a program like in the old days follow the rules, but try to find solutions to the obstacles they present. blindly follow the rules, decide I can't do what I want, and run a crappy program I like choice two. So while I agree with your premise (and most often others on this forum) I find myself saying "yeah, these new rules are a pain, but how can I make them work."