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3 missing Scouts found safe....

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Yah, AlmanceScouter, I posted somethin' on this in the "Great Advertisement..." thread.


More information out now. Packsaddle seems to know the area and the unit and might want to comment more.


From what I can tell, the group was well prepared and knew the area. This looks like a "standard hike" for them, and the distances are respectable enough to expect that the group as a whole are decent hikers.


Lessons to be learned?


Da only error IMHO was that the boys "hunkered down" instead of movin' to a spot where searchers would be more likely to run into 'em as they were conducting hasty searches of trails. We have got to stop teachin' that nonsense.


Another interestin' question to debate is when outside help should be called. Given that the lads were well-equipped for an overnight, was outside SAR (putting others at risk) really required only a couple of hours after they were found missing? Especially when yeh had 60 (sixty!!) people in da group that could have done a basic trail-run themselves.


Thinkin' about Basementdweller's other thread, I also have to admit that hiking 60 people as a group in da backcountry is the sort of LNT ethic violation that gives all of us a bad name. Plus, it allows yeh not to notice that 3 lads are missing until yeh do a "head count" later on. If yeh hike in patrols of 8, it's unlikely that yeh won't notice that three are missing. ;)


I'll be sendin' off a few prayers for the injured rescuer as well.



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