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  1. The following is from a clipping in a newspaper long ago:


    Dodge City, Kan...March 7

    Prentiss Corey of Dodge City, established what may be a national record for Boy Scouts of America in semaphore or general service code signalling when he sent 190 letters in a five minute period in a special test. The present national record, as far as known, is 150 letters, during five minutes, held by a New York City Boy Scout. Corey is a member of one of the

    Kiwanis club troops here.


    Prentiss (Samuel P. Cory) was my dad. He was born in 1909 and the clipping did not include a year in the date. I don't know what the age for boy scouts was at that time so I don't even have a ballpark idea as to when he might have made his try for the record. I went into scouting myself but don't remember quizzing dad on the article. What I am interested in is whether or not records of that sort still exist. If so, where would I enquire about the record? Ultimately, I'd like to find out whether or not he held the record and, if so, if it still stands.

    I have a grandson that just finished Tiger Cubs and I would like to pass the clipping, his great-grandad's picture as a boy scout and anything else about the possible record. Can anyone get me started on the quest?

    Samuel J. Cory

    Eagle, Ad Altare Dei, OA Brotherhood

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