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  1. Fairly fast BUT it depends on your dates. We were are the end of the summer, so we were one of the last to find out. Obivously, they assign June then July then August. We found out in mid-May for August. If you have a sister crew or other "odd" logistics (i.e., allergies, special needs, etc.) it will take a bit longer.


    They need to make sure they don't have too many crews going over the same trails too much. They need to manage the "pass throughs" at various staff camps. They have to manage logistics at commissary locations, etc. They have a template that they use that allows them to know capacity over trails, camp sites and staff locations. They have to marry all of that with the requests.


    Assuming you have an early date and less-popular trek, you might hear very fast. Otherwise, expect to wait. You will certainly know 6 weeks or more before you go...unless you are in June.


    Thanks. Our trek is the last week of June. Hopefully we'll hear soon.

  2. Does anyone know when we can REALISTICALLY expect to find out our assigned trek?


    Our assigned date to submit preferences was on April 4th, and I submitted our choices right when the button became active. I had been expecting that we'd get an almost instant confirmation of our assigned trek, since I thought it was supposed to be first-come-first-served based on when you submit your choices. Instead, I got back a response saying that we'd find out what trek we get by June 1st. I don't see any reason why it should take anywhere near that long. It's been 2 weeks now, and nothing.


    Honestly, I don't see why the web server can't just make the assignments instantly if it's first-come-first-served.



  3. Thanks for all the responses!


    We are doing a 7-day trek. We have not received our confirmed itinerary selection yet, but we requested treks between 31 and 41 miles over 6 hiking days, which would average 5-7 miles per day, with varying elevation gains.


    We have a shakedown hike this weekend, so I will suggest to the scouts that we plan to be on the trail by sunrise and see how that works. 



  4. My troop is going to Philmont this summer. One question that has come up on our shakedown hikes is:


    What target time should we be shooting for to complete our hike each day?


    I know that if your entire crew does not reach the program area in time, you may not be able to participate in program. But, since we have never been to Philmont before, we're not sure what time we should be shooting for.


    On our shakedown hikes, we'd like to be able to say, "Ok, we didn't reach camp until 4:00pm today. If this had been Philmont, we would have missed program. Tomorrow we need to leave camp earlier (or hike faster)." But, we don't know what time we should be shooting for.  Can anyone tell us?




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