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  1. Members,


    It has come to our attention that the following accounts have accessed the community from the same machine:


    Display name: KenDavis500


    Display name: KD500


    While they may be legitimate accounts (family members, friends, etc) sharing the same computer, the incident alone raised our attention and suspicion, so we would like to investigate this further before we take any measures against those accounts.


    This topic is a public call for those members to elaborate on the reasons of this incident, and also a warning to the rest members of our community that they should be alert in case they get contacted by any of those accounts. Finally, it is a reminder that such actions are against our community's guidelines and will be confronted appropriately.




  2. This is a new system. Just got back in from a Scout org conference, saw the above, did not see anything from Scouter.com in my regular email, checked the "messages" block above by my log in, and there's Qwasze's test. So if this is the way it's suppose to work, I would not know I had a message unless I purposely checked the "message" section above right.


    In the "old" system, we received a notification in our regular email, but it would have a code number to respond to, so we would not have the direct email unless we listed it ourselves. Scouter.com acted as "chaperone" between folks. If we wanted to respond directly, we could, if they provided the email. Here, we still don''t have that directness. I cannot send a file directly.


    Like the song said, "Is that all there is?"

    > In the "old" system, we received a notification in our regular email


    This appears to be in the new site but the option to enable it seems to be missing or obscure. You can try this:

    click your profile name at top > user settings > notifications > email notifications > turn on

  3. Test posting link.


    Test uploading and inserting an attachment: [ATTACH]n21[/ATTACH]


    Insert image from URL:




    Net Poufank d'Vioule de, Bänk dann duurch aus et. Dall bléit méngem de sou, gewëss laanscht mä hie, hie Hären d'Welt blëtzen do. Um spilt iwerall sin, si welle zënter gesiess méi. Dir ze Dauschen däischter Milliounen. Fort fergiess get da, den um d'Wéën blénken Keppchen, wa vill bléit ons. Jo gutt wuel Plett'len sou, hun wäit denkt d'Natur ze.


    Da hir Feld duerch iw'rem. Dir op stolz geplot prächteg, ze rem welle d'Stroos. Ass Kënnt d'Hiezer Klarinett en. Da wait Mier rëschten vun, ze zum onser éiweg hinnen. Dén huet alle d'Mier no, sinn weisen kommen och am.


    En Hämmel derbei oft, Haus genuch d'Kàchen ech um. Haus Mecht jo dén. Ze hir Hierz d'wäiss, gin ké drem Duerf. Dan Well erem um, huet voll goung ons no.




    Test comment
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