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  1. Yep national is pushing some standards that will close camps if they are not met. There is a 322 page document on the National Camp Accreditation Program page. Some have me scratching my head as a CSCD.


    Yep the kids do NOT want Boy Scout Summer School, they want action and fun. Problem is that parents and leaders who do not know better are pushing for the summer school approach.


    Now I admit, once upon a time I promoted summer camp as a good place to earn MBs b/c A) you had resources that may not be available to scouts, B) you have instructors who knew their stuff, and C) you are living Scouting for a week. 4-5 MBs is the most I'd recommend back in the day because you wanted the free time for swimming, boating, shooting sports, etc. You wanted night time activities for campwide games and troop programming.


    Now I see a few camps that offer nothing but MBs. Some of which could easily be done at home like the Citizenships.



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