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  1. Well right now the District guy is stepping in to have a meeting with the entire committee and leaders in early April. He has had enough of the complaints about the CC and is ready to ask her to step down. If she refuses he will take the next step.


    this particular CC has had no training and the only thing she bases anything on is her opinions. She has never heard of the manual you mentioned.


    thank you all for your help. This woman's antics are causing both of my sons to want to quit. I hope the district is able to straighten it all out.

  2. As stated in the camping information from council:


    "Registration: Limited to First Class, Star and Life Scouts who previously attended or will attend 2009 Summer Camp at Camp

    XXXXXX or a previous 2009 unit long-term experience at another council camp.


    Program: Merit Badges offered: Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the World,

    Communications, Personal Management, and Family Life. (Scouts will sign up to take at least two, but not more than four of

    these badges.)


    During their stay at Eagle Camp, Scouts will be going on a variety of field trips that are specifically designed to meet the

    requirements of those badges offered. The Scouts shall be required to attend specific program designed for the Eagle Camp.


    Further program information for the Eagle Camp will be forwarded to the individual campers following registration."

  3. It is one of those instances where the SM does what she says. I usually refer to her as the real SM. It is a bad situation. My only problem is that my sons do not want to transfer. The CC recently tried to stop a bunch of us from attending another BS function by lying to the SM about the function. We had to get district involved.

  4. My son is being forbidden by a committee chairperson (who has a history of making decisions and judgements based on bascially nothing other than her own opinion). Talking to two boys who have actually attended the camp, they did not find that to be the case. The camping director for the council tells me that is not the case. I was just trying to get other opinions.

  5. Can anyone who actually has had a scout attend an Eagle Camp or knows first hand tell me how much a scout works on the merit badges. My son is being forbidden to attend an Eagle Camp in our council "because they don't actually work on them"

  6. If by Chartered Organization, do you mean the church that we are associated with? If so, they don't have anything to do with our group other than providing us the space we use for our meetings.


    The biggest issue we have with the Committee chairperson is her total lack of knowledge of scouting rules and regulations. She gets an opinion in her head and then the next thing you know it's troop law. She does not verify information or even correspond with council. She controls the scoutmaster like a puppet on a string. She has no concern for the rules of Scouting, just controlling the entire situation.


    Many people are about to transfer out of the troop, but would stay if she were gone. Others who have transferred would come back if she were gone. Many people discussed today about the possbility of getting her removed, but don't know how to go about this.

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