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  1. Update: Last weekend's campout went pretty smooth.


    First thing, I told my problem scout that I was very disappointed with his behavior at summer camp and would not tolerate any such behavior this weekend. I especially did not want to see him give the troop a black eye by acting out in front of the church members. I told him he would be sent home immediately, and lose future camping priveleges. He promised me he would not be a problem.


    There were no tantrums that weekend; Saturday night there was some petty bickering with another scout, but the other scout was equally to blame, and it was at the end of a long day following a 20-mile bike ride. Both were told to turn in and call it a night.


    I think this shows that he can control the behavior when he chooses to, but only time will tell....

  2. For background, the scout comes from a stable home with good parents. The dad is my ASM, and a very good friend. Dad goes on all the campouts and jumps right in to defuse the situation, but is also at a loss as how to stop it once and for all. When the scout is in a tantrum, you can't reason with him. Any interaction just makes him get more obnoxious. You have to wait for the storm to pass and then sit him down. I'm thinking of sitting him down Friday night before any tantrums and warn him of severe consequences (sent home, confined to tent, barred from the next campout) if it occurs.

  3. Please help this Scoutmaster keep from losing his mind!


    I have a 14-year-old scout who has been in the troop since he crossed over from Webelos. He attends every campout. He also throws a major temper tantrum (or two, or three)when he doesn't get his way. I'm talking on par with the two-year-old at Walmart who was told he couldn't get a toy.


    At summer camp, he did it at the dining hall and again at flag lowering in front of the entire camp. He has not been diagnosed with any behavioral problems, he's just extremely immature.


    I have tried talking to him, offering advice for anger management and even a good old-fashion drill-sargeant style dressing down after meltdown #3 on a weekend campout. Nothing works.


    I am ready to tell the troop committee, "either he goes or I go." I no longer look forward to campouts as I used to; I now develop a since of dread as the weekend approaches. This weekend, we are camping at our chartering church's fellowship event, and I fear he will cause a scene in front of the entire congregation and give the troop a black eye. Help!

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