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  1. Thanks guys...


    If a mod would like to move it to the relevant place in the forums thats cool.


    Thanks for the reviews guys. Any of your comments/photos are welcomed on the site. If you want to have any tents added, let me know by Private Message on the site forums :-) I'm going to add a line of hammock tents tonight on request.


    If anyone is interested in my scout troop site aswell, it's http://www.theMAFIKENG.com





    Mafikeng Scout Troop / FindMeATent.com



  2. That's what we're trying to figure out.

    Try asking them in an e-mail... I reckon from reading through it i'm getting an idea.. English speaking, Rainy Weather, They also have references to having a Belgian, USA, Australian & Irish Assitant Scout Leaders...

    And the other interesting thing I spotted they are a mixed sex troop. The ways of seperating the sex's are interesting...Did u see their corp sylabuses?


    I'm interesting in knowing more now!


  3. I happened accross this troop called MAFIKENG online.



    They have written some amazing concepts of how to run programs on their website, how they train, how they implemented this within their troop, and how others can do it too...


    I have been in contact with the Scout Master over a few e-mails, and I am considering starting this program method in our troop. "Training in peer groups, Activities in mixed age patrols"...Splitting our troop into Corps might also work for us.


    One thing is though, I can't work out their location, or who they are, does MAFIKENG really exist and what is this HITLIST they reference!? see for yourself.. http://www.mafikeng.ontheweb.com


    interested in what others think, later all,



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