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  1. a lot of great comments guys. but you will never change my mind and my scouts mind. I just awarded a $3000.00 scoularship to a young scout and thier first question out of her mouth was can i wear the Legiion patch..

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  2. i see so many Uniform Police Here so tell me this ,l Why can Mormon scouts wear blue jeans to a eagle board? Or why can a kid just out of jail for drug selling with blue hair get eagle scout one week later Call it like it is.

  3. once again my post which i am the 2nd vice allow our legion scouts to wear the round legion patch on the temporary side below the OA patch. They can remove it at any time. i wear it along with The yellow applets as i am the Department Scouting Chair. The best thing i run into is jealousy from other Scouting adult leaders. I also run into the uniform Police who i have to square away too. You can wear any patch on the temporary side ive been doing this for over 30 years. My Troop that i had when i was the scoutmaster on Fort Ord, Ca was authorized to wear BDU Pants and they even had a BDU, Camouflaged scarf which was approved by the then post Commander. You know the BSA Hates the camouflage because it looks-to military. But if my Scouts voted it in we did it. Matter of fact i still have my BDU pants and two scarfs.


  4. I am the current Scouting Chairman for the Department of Tennessee. These Patches were not authorized until about 2 years ago. The New round American Legion Scout Patch is considered a Temporary patch and shall be worn as so below the OA patch on the right pocket. It can be removed when another BSA patch is earned. The larger Shoulder patch is not worn on the uniform but can be used as a Pocket identification Patch on a suit. If you Notice the old Boy Scout Patch is now gone its been charged to scout only. Also the Yellow epaulets will be worn by the American Legion State Department Scouting Chairman only durning his tenure of service normally a year in office.. All other American Legion Adult leaders will wear the official BSA ones for their position. Once the American Legion State Scouting Chairman leaves or is voted out of office then he will remove the yellow epaulets and return to his normal scout position ones. My local American Legion Chartered Troops and Packs are encouraged to wear the American Legion Scout Patch. 

  5. Last year in 2019 at the national BSA and American Legion Conference they made uniform changes . I am the State Scouting Chairman and the members of Legion Pack and Troops can wear the round BSA Legion patch below the OA Patch in the Temporary space. State Scouters also now can wear the yellow epaulets  but they must be in the role of a state scouting chairman. which means there is only one legion member wearing yellow that is the state chairman.


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