Hi everybody!   Father of a Wolf and a Bear, when the Bear was in 1st grade we looked for a pack at our elementary school and at JSN was disappointed to see nothing there.   Turns out the Pack serving two local schools had devolved into a club, and basically those then-Webelos I were allowed to age-out.   First year the Tiger was minimally involved, with two or three others. Last year something amazing happened, we organized two dens in the other pack, and it started to grow.   Now we're setup to jump-start the pack, with no less than three schools with JSNs (this week), and a good committee of six (including a unit commissioner).   New to the cubmaster thing, a ton of reading to do, and figuring out how to start a new Tiger den (and possibly jump-start some new Webelos dens). Already at several Sneak Peek and back-to-school picnic events found several interested 4th and 5th grader parents.   Any and all advice appreciated!   Dale aka scooterdog
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