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Movies for Citizenship in the Community

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What about To Sir, With Love? His actions, although they took place mostly in the classroom, affected the entire community, as is evidenced by other scenes in the movie. Respect regardless of race or class, teaching students the value of being a concerned citizen, etc... (The book is good as well)

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Many appropriate movies mentioned, but referencing the original post... a Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) should not be choosing the movie. Let the boy(s) pick it.. albeit with parents & MBC counsel and approval. As with most things in Scouting ... we adults have to keep reminding ourselves not to do something a boy could do.

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The documentary, Farmingville, is very good. It shows both the people who support and those who oppose the hiring site, as well as the types of organization necessary for a group of people to bring an issue to their County Legislature.


I also recommend showing, A Day Without a Mexican, at the same time. It's a little slapstick and kind of silly, but balances the heaviness of the other movie and is a good conversation starter.

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Moonrise Kingdom. I stand in front of the screen and sing during the underwear scene. The key part, for me, is when the troop realizes that they have been treating the protagonist badly, and rally to help him.

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