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The young man started the MB with me when he was 12. He was a fifth grader at the time. The requirement was "Explain..."


He partialled and left the MB lie for 4 years.


He came back to me to pick up the MB.


I gave him credit for the various "performance tasks."


I asked him to re-do the explanation. 4 years of maturity, particularly in this subject, means a substantial change in how much subject knowledge he had, and the depth of his approach to the subject.


How have you handled a partial when the youth comes back after 3-4 years to get the MB done?

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Hi John,


What I do is what is explained in the handbook for leaders. The scout has up unitl his 18th birthday to ccmplete the requirements of a certain badge. If the young man did a poor job on something, and you signed off on it, then you just work on the areas that were not completed. If on the other hand the young man is sure he had completed certain things and has no record of it, I tell him I can't remember what he did, and ask him to redo the items he doesn't have completed.


If I face a situation of a young man being discouraged by this, I just tell him that I want to help him feel like he has badges and ranks, rather than pretty pieces of cloth and nice thread. Most boys want to earn what they receive, in my experience, boys that work at Scouting build that trait. My explanation seems to work well for them.

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