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Venturers attaining Boy Scout Ranks

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Quick question for the experts.


I have a youth in my crew who has completed Star requirements in a troop but needs Conference and Board of Review, wants to do this through the crew. He's not very active with his troop. Anybody else run into this situation?


My plan is and speak off line with the Troop SM.


I think I'm right by stating that the requirements have been met and I can go ahead with conf and BOR. Just need a little feedback. Main thing is I don't want to get into a pi$$ing contest with troop leaders. I've already had a few run ins in this dept.



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This is one reason why I think that co-registration in both a Troop and Crew can be awkward. If a Scout is having trouble advancing in his troop (strict adherence to requirements?), then he can get it through the Crew, if the Advisor is more liberal (not in any way implying that you are!). Kinda like when we were growing up and Dad said NO, so we went to ask Mom. I have seen boys transfer to other troops just because of this, and soon make Eagle. Perhaps the fact that he is "not very active" in the Troop is affecting his "Scout Spirit" and leadership, thus preventing him from advancing? If he's not active in the troop, he's obviously not "into it", so why doesn't he just register with the crew? Problem solved.


I'm not an "expert" in Venturing, but I know of nothing that would prevent what you want to do. Put your poncho on, however.(This message has been edited by scoutldr)(This message has been edited by scoutldr)

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Okay, I don't have the rules to quote. But just a note of personal experience.


My son joined a Venture crew and completely dropped out of the Troop he had been part of. There were many reasons, the biggest being he simply did not have time for both.


Anway - under the rank guidelines (have to be at least 1st class), he had no problem completing the requirements to get his Eagle scout completely through the Venture crew.


All of his BOR's and such were conducted within the Crew. The lead Crew Advisor did the SM conferece and the award was given by the Crew.


I don't see why it couldn't be the same for your son.

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The guidelines in the Venturing leaders guide and the Venturing handbook state quite clearly that a 1st class scout can complete his star, life and eagle through the crew. Scoutldr is correct when he states that the scoutmaster may not be a happy camper, but it is the boys decision not the SM. As a Venturing Advisor you have the same authority as a Scoutmaster to pass him on his advancement requirements, Sea Scout ships have done this for years as did the former Explorer posts. If the boy decides to go through the crew it is usually because he is no longer affiliated with a troop, if he still is active with a troop then you should encourage him to complete his boy scout ranks through the troop. Thats how I advise my crew.

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I took Venturer leader training last fall.


Very clearly stated: A Boy Scout, First Class, can join a Crew and continue rank advancement to Eagle within the Crew.


Advisor does the conferences.


Crew Committee does the BORs.


It's that simple :)

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It has clearly been stated in writing in the Boy Scout Requirements book and the Advancement Committee Guidelines booklet that any male Venturer under 18 who has earned atleast First Class may continue earning the Boy Scout Rank Awards and Eagle Palms.


ALSO, please get the terminology correct. There are NO "Venture Crews" in the BSA. They are Venturing Crews


Michael Brown

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