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Back in Scouting/OA (and Alpha Phi Omega)

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Hi y'all. I figured I'd introduce myself. Like many newly here, I had a bit of an issue getting the site to allow me to join until last month. I'd been trying since November.


I am one of those dreaded young (29 y/o) single scouters, but that's never been a problem as I usally have people seeking me out to put me to work.


I finished my Eagle at the last possible minute right before going to college. While in college I pledged Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity. We assisted a local cub scout pack every week. In my later years I served as Scouting chair for the chapter and started a merit badge college. In my senior year I was the TCDL for the pack (backed up by another brother/eagle scout). Also reactivated in OA (I was sash and dash) just before turning 21 and was named chapter youth member of the year. Got brotherhood just after turning 21.


After coming home from college I tried to come back as ASM in my home troop, but it was too adult run (Webelos III) with about 5 new scout patrols (large crossover) and they didn't seem willing to listen to my ideas. They still remembered me from when I was a kid, didn't do in troop JLT, and had adult planned campouts. I took a step back and also work got in the way (retail job followed by call center job both with evening hours). A few years later I did find the time to volunteer again (the troop grew up a bit) but that was cut short as I moved away to start a new job. I bounced around a bit by going on a three eyar rotational assignment and with evenening and olnine grad courses, again took some time off from scouting.


Now that I've stopped moving around (I hope) I came back as a unit commissioner after a 4 year hiatus and just recently reached out again to Alpha Phi Omega (I had met a brother at a scout event) and ended up as a Sectional Scouting/Youth Services Coordinator covering 7 chapters, an active alumni association, three BSA councils, and two GSUSA councils. I immediately decided to stay at two assigned units (one pack, one troop) and not add any until I had a better feel of what I committed to with APO.(This message has been edited by 00eagle)

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It sounds like you are doing great in making a home for yourself as an adult Scouter.


You might want to try visiting your district committee meeting. It's where a good many long time Scouters can be found, helping to put together the nuts and bolts of district Scouting activities.


Over a period of time I'm sure you will find a variety of things you are good at doing or that you would like to do.


I admire the start you are making.

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Actually that's on my list of things to do. One of the courses I took at Commissioner Conference was Commissioner-District Operating Committee partnering. I had no particular interest in this class but there really wasn't anything good being offered in this time period. I do plan on attending one DOC meeting as I realized I did not know who most of the DOC was (aside from the Key 3). When I ran my merit badge event I knew most of the DOC (chair, commissioner, advancement, training, day camp, FOS, etc.) having pitched the idea at DOC meetings.


I've realized I know the DChair (he's also a UC), DComm, Boy Scout Program Chair, Publicity Chair but not any of the V/C's. I probably do know some of them, just don't know that's another hat they're wearing (I probably know them as a commissioner I see at commissioner meetings, or a scoutmaster I see at round table). I know the DAC's name but only because it's on the council advancement page. I don't know him personally, yet.

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Hi 00Eagle. My sons are both Eagle Scouts (2001 and 2010). Elder son was still actively involved in Scouting until last year when he got a full time job after college graduation. Younger son is going on his 6th year working at summer camp. I don't think either will ever leave scouting completely, as older son still goes up to camp to help out at the waterfront when he can. The program meant so much to them and they try as they can to pass that along to the younger generation. Wishing you all the best.


Yours in Scouting,


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