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Eagle package requirements???

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In the next few weeks I have my first Eagle package to take to council. Does anyone know of a checklist of required items? What "gotcha's" should I be looking for to prevent the package from being kicked back?


Thanks in advance!

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Does your District/Council put on a Life-to-Eagle Seminar? Have you attended one? They are usually the best place to cover all the bases on the Eagle process and application submissions.


I don't think there are any 'gotcha's'. Just errors on the parts of humans that either do not read or misunderstood the directions. Make sure everything that is asked for is provided, all dates are correct, all rank requirements were met and coincide with service and leadership dates, etc.

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There are more than one way to do things. Speaking as an Eagle Board of Review Chair, let me share with you what my district does. There will be something similar in your district, just don't say that you read this on Scouter.com, and so your district is wrong... deal?


The application has all the signatures, down to where it says District Representative (on the back of the form)?


You have the completed Eagle Leadership Service Project folder down? (In my district we encourage the boys to build their own pamphlet, using the National Supplied one as a guide. For those that like to split hairs, no if a canidate doesn't do this, we don't turn it back to them)


We ask for sealed letters from their references. References? On the front bottom half of the form there is a list of people that can be contacted, we ask the scout to have them supply these names with envelopes and stamps.


One of the items I see forgotten frequently is the requirement about writting one's goals. I check for that before I contact their scout leader and set up the board.


I hope this helps. What I would really insist that you do is talk to your district folks and verify that you have all the pieces. This young man has time to fix things in case they aren't complete right? Remember he only has to turn the application in before his 18th birthday, not hold the Board before that date. Your district/council has 90 days after the 18th birthday to get the board done.


Good Luck, and enjoy this time, it really is fulfilling to watch your young ones pull things like this off.

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I would like to correct one thing that was said. The application does not need to be turned in to district by the 18th birthday, a scout only has to complete the advancement requirements by that time. He could turn it in after his birthday and still get eagle. 90 days after for BOR with no explaination, 180 days with CE explaination.

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Follow what LPC_Thumper posted. I would also take proof of merit badges earned on the application (blue cards, council advancement copies) in case they have no record of the badge being earned. We have had this happen a few times.



Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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