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Aviation Merit Badge question

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I have several boys in my troop very interested in piloting and the aviation merit badge, and I have a local pilot with his own plane who has both military and private experience as a pilot and is a licensed pilot and flight instructor.


He is willing to teach the merit badge and I have no doubts of his ability to do so. He has more air hours than I have driving experience, and I've been driving for 30 years. Suffice it to say he knows his stuff.


He is willing to take the boys on a short flight around the area to meet the requirements of 2(a). My problem is the liability issue and guide to safe scouting practices.


Obviously a liability waiver from the parents is required, and no waiver .. no flight. Does anyone have any suggestions on how this should be worded?


The second issue is that the plane is a two seater only. Obviously the counselor takes one seat, a scout the other. No buddy system, no third person observer for safe scouting practices.





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Both your questions are answered in the Guide to Safe Scouting. In the appendix you will find the flying application form which must be completed and filed with your council.


In the portion that explains two deep leadership it tells you that a send adult on the gound observing the flight is sufficient.


It is impotant in scouting that when planning ANY activity you review the related materials in the Guide to Safe Scouting.


You can find the G2SS on the web here http://www.scouting.org/pubs/gss/


It sounds like the scouts will have a great adventure.

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Thank you, Bob White.


I had looked at the GTSS but missed the sentence at the bottom of the 2 deep leadership that included the statement of the leader on the ground.


Since the section on Aircraft was under transportation I assumed it was commercial flight related (i.e., getting to an event) and didn't include the flight as being part of the event itself. Should have read closer.


I guess that's what happens when one assumes!


Thanks again!


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