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New to the forums, I think

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It seems as though registrations for the forum are back up and running, thus, I'm in! I could have sworn that, years ago, I created an account, but that could have been numerous emails ago. Who knows.


I'm currently a Committee Chair for the pack, but have had experience in the past as ASM and likely will in the future as my kids move along in their scouting experience.


I'm in Maine. Cheers to all!

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Welcome to the campfire. Unfold your chair and have a seat. As with any fire Scout Leaders sit around, some here like to talk alot, and others just stare into the flames. Toss a log on if you have something to say, and make yourself comfortable!

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Hi, welcome aboard!


I'm also a new member..I think I've been reading for close to 2 years, but could never get in. Not sure how much I'll post, as I'm so used to the read-only mode. :)


Cub Bear Leader/Pack Secretary (I know, not supposed to have two roles, but it is what it is)

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