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New MB you would like to see

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baschram, now that's a dandy idea! (Although it would probably get vetoed by creationists.) I'd suggest adding a requirement to explain how fossils are created and discussing several dating techniques appropriate to paleontology. And drop the link to the Archeology MB. (Already, too many people think that archaeologists dig up dinosaurs!)


I also wish they would bring back the Masonry MB. Maybe it wasn't as popular as some others, but it taught a good honest skill.

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Reminds me of the class I took as an undergraduate entitled "Dating Techniques". It was offered in the Geology Department, of course. The first class was jam-packed. I'm not sure what they expected, but by the second class meeting all the fraternity boys had dropped.

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Not a new badge, but I would like to see Cooking brought back into the "Eagle Required List." If necessary, I'd be willing to trade an optional badge within the existing 21 to get it back on the list, or I'd be willing to see the National Advancement Committee up the bar to 22 MBs to Eagle.


Why? I honestly believe cooking is an essential life skill for a young man. Whether he be a college student, a young adult in his first employment, or a dad who has lost his bride to death or divorce, a man needs to know cooking.


Take a look at the current badge laydown to Eagle. It gives young men a good basic skillset, to wit:


Citizenship skills: Citizenship in Community, Nation, World.


Fitness skills: Personal fitness and one of (Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling)


Outdoor skills: Camping


Emergency management skills: First Aid, Lifesaving, Emergency Prepardness


General Knowledge:

Environmental Science, Family Life, Personal Management, Communications.


Cooking, as structured, falls under both outdoor skills and general knowledge. It's a useful tool in the young man's toolbox.


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I guess it would have to depend on the requirements for the merit badge. I am one who is not in favor of all the different video games we have. I feel Americans play waaaaaay too many. I have never owned a game system. My brother owns 4 of his own Gameboys. I cant stand them. I'd say the last time I've played a video game was probably 6 months ago at least.


Why would it be so bad?


Like I stated above, I feel Americans play them way too much. I really dont see how they can play into economics or business management.


To each his own.

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In the sense of business management, just look at some systems that have either failed or succeeded. In the sense of a failed video game business, Sega is a great example. To make a profit, a company needs to break even; for over 5 years, Sega never broke even. Near the end of its business days, the company chair decided not to bring its mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, along for the ride to the newest system they had made; big mistake. They also dropped all the ads from television, simply sticking with magazine ads. An example of a company that has succeeded is obviously one that is still around today. My pick is the playstation, offered up by SONY; it all really took off with Final Fantasy VII, probably the greatest game around today even still. It did for the industry what games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III did for the Super Nintendo a few years back. You see, if you want to make money in the video game world, RPG (that's 'role-playing game' for those of you who don't know) is king. SONY carried on the history of that game onto its newest console, the PS2. Other great games that have made their way through the crowd up onto the stage of RPG are X-Men games, Mortal Kombat, Dark Cloud, Kingdom Hearts, Xenosaga, and more. Of course, you don't exactly have to come up with how SONY has succeeded; you can also take its own little route of failure. If you look at a game called The Bouncer, it is probably the coolest looking game in the world that was known as the first action RPG, something that had never been done before, and probably for a very good reason. The things is, the movie was overloaded with FMVs (Full Motion Videos), and the interactive abilities were extremely poor, making the game now defunct in production. Or you could take the route of explaining video game to movie ideas that have succeeded or failed (Mortal Kombat or Tomb Raider come to mind). All in all, you can learn a lot about the video game world. The Japanese play way more games than any of us do, considering they make most of them. And hey, if Americans played video games alot, and playing video games burns on average 30 calories an hour. Based on this, and how you believe Americans in general play way too much, explain how 60% of Americans suffer from obesity. On that note, there was a woman who lost 95 lbs. playing Dance Dance Revolution; thus, scouts could talk about the physical aspects of a game, not just all the pretty pictures. Well, I think I've done enough for talking about video games today.

-ES 3:16


P.S. Also, just how would any of us go about adding a merit badge to scouting?

(This message has been edited by EagleScout316)

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I would like to see the plumbing MB updated. As plumbers we don't use galv. iron pipe any more we now use PVC and other types of plastics.


Photo MB needs digital included and chemical processing removed (no one, not even the paper develops film and prints paper around here)


Rifle MB should be broken down into 3 MBs only because of safty concerns. BB gun doesn't go into regular rifels enough and black powder is a different beast. Rifle MB dosen't go into bb guns or black powder enough. Black powder is a labor of love if done right but requires more safty and work to properly load, shoot and clean.


I'm not to up on video games but I know it has helped my sons hand/eye ability.


Housekeeping is a good idea.


If they get a MB for Networking send one to my house so I can get mine working.


Board games is a good idea as it bring people together unlike video games where they hide in thier room.


I could go on but others would like to get in thier fair share.

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Oh yeah, baseball players from my highschool were always playing first hand shooter games to greatly increase their hand-eye coordination. And not all video games are played in solitude; things like Halo 2 can be played in co-ops. And there's always the occasional RPG where you can play with two people (I can only think of Chrono Cross).

-ES 3:16(This message has been edited by EagleScout316)

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I love the Scouting History idea suggested by SemperParatus.


And I think that the Respect/Etiquette could be named Ethics and should also be Eagle Required.


I also like the Politics and Government idea.

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I have an excellent idea for a Merit Badge, if we are indeed interested in keeping up with the times! How about an Electro-Optics or a Merit Badge for Laser Technology?


I work for the worlds leading Laser Company, and I have been with the Scientific Technical Support Group for the last few years, along with over 15 years of experience supporting Laser Instrumentation. What I am getting at, a question> is there is anyone who knows who to contact to get this official and would like me to set up a Merit Badge for Electro-Optics, or even more specifically, Lasers! Please let me know, since I not only have the expertise to design the program, but I have some of the worlds leading laser research scientists at my disposal.




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vrooman, the process of establishing a new MB is slow and painful (similar to printing a commemorative postage stamp). Ideas are contantly being considered by BSA National and just as constantly being rejected. Ask your SE to whom you should submit your idea.


A case in point - the Archeology MB was decades in the proposal stage, despite widespread interest in this topic in National Geographic, on the Discovery Channel, etc.

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