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i would take Indian lore out of the first year and put it in 2nd or 3rd. Indian lore requires a significant attention span, which most 5th or 6th graders dont have.

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Up at Housatonic Council's Camp Strang in Goshen, CT, which I advise all of you to attend summer camp this summer offers numerous programs for first years that include- 1st class emphasis which really does focus on the road to 1st class and completing requirements to get there as well as recommends swimming, camping, or any ECON and Handicraft type merit badges.


For more information on how you can attend Camp Strang out of Goshen, Connecticut please visit:




Or email the Scout Excecutive of Housatonic Council at:



Or call Housatonic Council direct for information on this camp or other programs: (203) 734-3329


Thanks and hope to see you there!





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