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Eagle Scout Letters

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We are getting everything ready for my son's Eagle COH and I'm trying to get a copy of the "letters" that you send to government officials to get certificates. I know that I have seen them on macscouter.com and ussscouts.org, but after visiting this site, I realize those places will be down for some time. I am running out of time!!! Please help!! I need another resource or, better yet, the actual examples.


Thanks!! - Stacey

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I love the letters and the links. Just please do us all a favor and don't feel the need to read every one out loud at the court of honor. ;)


It amazes me how many letters from Congressmen, the President, etc. I've had to sit through over the years.


Put them in a nice keep-sake type notebook and have them on a table to display with the other awards the Eagle has earned. Keep the reading of the letters to a bare minimum -- preferably those selected by the Scout himself.



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