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The Soon To Be Famous Scouter Quiz

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Actually, (a) is also kind of correct because you do open your eyes and yes, © is also kind of correct because you must be out in nature but you are still wrong, so it is now HINT time:

Note: (b) is incorrect because the candy bar should be in your mouth and one should never wait to eat such things.



First go to your BSHB to Chapter 14 under Observing Nature.


Secondly leaf, get it leaf?, through this section.


Thirdly, see, get it see?, if you can find the answer.


If you find the answer, you only get 1 point because you are taking your shot directly in front of and on top of the hoop.



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Didn't even have to look that one up, which means I need to get a life.


Here's my question -- true or false, the Boy Scout Handbook recommends having an empty water bottle in your tent, in case you "get the urge" during a winter campout.


If true, please cite the page number and reference. If false, please justify your answer.



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Don't know what the book says, but I wouldn't recommend it in Texas. It is almost never too cold to 'answer the call', but it is almost always warm enough need something to drink in the middle of the night, if you get my drift! :)



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I think I know this one because 1. I was a SM 2. in Texas once upon-a time. I used to use the bottle method for the "call". By the way, winters do get cold in some parts, depending on the wind and the humidity.


I once described this as a proven method to keep from freezing to a few of the Scouts. We had a laugh over it and I figured that would be the last of it.


One evening I went out to dinner and I encountered the parents of one of my Scouts that had not been in the group. I asked how everything was going and he said pretty good but there had been a problem. Of course, I asked about it. He said that his son's tent Buddy had used the previously mentioned "proven method" and that his son had gotten up in the middle of the night and kicked the a full bottle all over his sleeping gear. He said that whoever came up with such a lame idea ought to be shot.


After quietly agreeing with him about the veracity of such an idea I decided that the "proven method" needed revising, like using a screw on cap or maybe going back outside. I figured we needed to anything to keep from having another round of the same. The next meeting we discussed this little used but unproven method as being unsuitable for camping.


So, without looking it up I am going to venture a guess based solely on my experience with the "proven method" as being False.




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My question still stands.


However, I must say that when I was a Scoutmaster a Scout told me about the empty water bottle in the tent idea. When I said it was idiocy, he said he'd read it in the handbook. This was several versions ago.


I challenged him. He called me on the challenge. He was correct and I was wrong. That is exactly what the handbook at the time specified.


I'm curious if it still does.


I for one, would rather "shiver me timbers" outside than keep a questionable bottle in the tent!


What does the current handbook say?




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First go to your BSHB to Chapter 14 under Observing Nature."



What year is your handbook Fuzzy? Are you still using the 10th edition instead of the 11th?


Chapter 14 in the current book is "Getting Along with Others"


Chapter 13 is "Making the Most of Yourself" qand on page 354 under Looking and Listening says "Sit Quietly in the woods and you might observe wildlife that would otherwise stay hidden."


It would probably be better if we all played the game using the current edition of the handbook.



New Question.


Finish the phrase "Good Judgement," says an old Scoutmaster, "comes from having lived through and learned from lot's of........." Fill iin the blank correctly.

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Answer to BW: Mistakes


Uncle: The guide our group had at Northern Tier last winter advocated the water bottle method to avoid using energy to keep the contents of the bladder warm, but highly sugested using a bottle that had a different shape that the water bottle used for drinking to avoid mistakes in the dark. (this only works if going #1, definitely not advived for #2)

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Stay Calm






It is false, because I could not find it in the handbook. Remember your question was if the handbook says you should keep a empty bottle, not if if was a good idea or not! ;)


Is anyone still playing this game?

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