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I don't think my son had any of his blue cards when he got his Eagle.As long as all of the paperwork for the merit badge

is turned in at council when he earned the badge,there should be no problem.

If everything has been done properly the badge will not be contested.The merit badge councilor should have his record if

there is any question.

Your advancement chair also should have the units copy of the advancement form that was submitted to council.

I don't know many boys that don't lose their part of the blue card.

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I'm not sure how it works in other Councils? But we can ask for a computer print out showing the merit badge that each Scout has earned.

If the badge is on the list everything is honky dory, even if the blue card has taken a spin in Moms washing machine.

If not you have a problem and might have to find the MB Counselor who signed the card for a replacement.


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A Scout should maintain his portion of the merit badge card (aka blue card) to protect himself from SM, Advancement Chair, Council, etc. screw-ups. It is a back-up plan so to speak. If the SM, Advancement Chair and Council have kept complete and accurate records there is no need for the Scout to present his record keeping. However, if there is a problem with the Council records ...

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We try hard to use the blue cards. But we accept any record method that has equivalent information. After SC, I photocopy ALL the records, original and TWO copies. One set goes to each scout. Another set to the advancement person. I keep the final set just in case. This is similar (but not equivalent) to separating the three panels of the blue card.

DO NOT RELY ON COUNCIL RECORDS. If they have good records, great. Our experience with them has been dreadful and if you don't manage your own effectively, tough luck if the council lost theirs (good chance of this happening).

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Definitely have all the back up you can.Never count on just one location.It would be great and is advisable that the boy keep the blue cards for back up.

AS advancement chair I kept a personal record and made sure Scoutmaster had it in his records,both hard copy and on troop master.Luckily our council has been pretty good with it but they are not perfect.As long as one of these locations has the record there should be no problem.

If there is a problem at council level they will come to the troop first to check record.The scouts part of the card is to

cover for a total meltdown of process.

If you are concerned about the blue card you can go to the councilor and ask him to make a replacement for lost card.

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We stress the Scout keep his portion of the blue card. Our council has lost records! We also have every advancement form we have ever turned in as a back-up and there have been occasions where we needed either or both!


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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