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Segments are a local council thing. They can be purchased by your council from any number of licensed patch companies. Your council Scout Shop can decide which segments they will offer, and which they will not.


Bottom line is that we have no way of knowing what segments your council has available, much less a picture (B&W or color) of them.


Ask in your Scout Shop for a flier with better pictures.




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Hi. Some options.


1. have them made. For example, we have a round 3" Polar Bear patch in Council for overnights below zero. We did one event where it was -26 degrees. I had a segment made and sold it myself. Read "-26 Degrees, Feb. 02". Cost $.83 each and I sold them for $1. Contact Welsh Industries (recommended on Scouter.com) and they make their patches in the USA. They are slow, but good. http://www.welshind.com/index.htm


2. for overnights you can uUse the Nat'l supply generic patches.


3. google the name of the patch you want. I found a outfit that puts out a miles hiked patch, from 100 miles hiking up to 1000 miles



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