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Project Ideas for Family Life

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Welcome Bill.


Remodeling the kitchen, re-seeding the lawn, planning a family reunion, planning a family vacation, retooling the family chore list.


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10

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All great suggestions Ed


Organizing and staffing a family garage sale as well as applying the proceeds to a family vacation or purchase


Reorganizing a closet, complete with the addition of shelves and an additional closet post


Painting a room with a family selcted paint

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Some examples I have seen:


Individual project:


-Bulit brick patio

-Painted shed

-Cleaned and organized basement

_Cleaned, sharpened, labeled and created storage for garden tools

-Built step path for where dad gets out of truck (this was really appreciated by the mom, who had to mop the floor about 1/3 less often!)

-Replaced smoke detectors with smoke / co2 detectors

-Tear out old deck to make way for new sun porch

-Chopped and split wood from a tree that fell in the yard


Some family projects:


-Family cleaned their church together

-Inventoried and photgraphed family assets for insurance purposes.

-Painted addition being buit on house, saving the cost of the contractor doing this.

-Built wood bookshelf wall unit in living room

-"Child - Proofed" house for expected new sibling

-Catalogue and put into album all of the families pictures


That's all I can remember guys I've worked with doing. Hope it helps.



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An idea for a Family project is to creat a Vegitable Garden. I started a garden with my family that could be enjoyed for years after the merit badge. Unlike some projects this had soemwhat of incentive for everyone, fresh veggies! to keep a scout physically storng!


Yours in Scouting


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My son is getting ready to start Family Life. I think he's already chosen his project (he may still change his mind). He's planning to clean out the garage, re-paint the floor and walls, and restock it (including some new storage stuff). I hope he goes through with it. If he doesn't, it's going to be my project. ;-)

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