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JLT required for Star?

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I understand your viewpoint, but I think I'd consider mentorship/reflections and TJLT as complementary, rather than the former as a substitute for the latter.


Frankly, I'd like to see something like the big advancement chart we use now, resembling a spreadsheet, with leadership skills/applications represented in the columns, and leadership positions and possibly ranks represented in the rows. As Scouts completed various levels of training, or gained practical leadership experience "on the job", we could fill this thing in. We'd know what type of leadership training/experience each Scout had, both in classes and practical, and it would help us tailor TJLT to meet the needs of the Scouts rather than the "one size fits all" approach.


Of course, something like that would have to incorporate a lot of flexibility in the material to permit customizing it to that level.


I'm optimistic that the new TJLT curriculum will be more responsive to unit needs. I use the "Teaching Leave No Trace" publication now, and I think the flexibility and modularity in it is a good model for what TJLT curriculum could look like.



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My guess at this point is that TJLT will more closely resemble the contents of the NEW Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader Handbooks. It will teach patrol and troop operation and introduce situational management.


JLTC will expand on situational management and some of the higher skills of leadership such as vision and mission.


Again this is my personal guess based on the changes made to the junior leader handbooks and to Wood Badge for the 21st Century.


There is also a possibillity that a district level of Junior Leader Training will return, similar to the Junior Leader Orientation Workshop course of the 1980's.

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I have never seen the White Stag program but, what I did find out about it after talking to you and others here, the original Wood Badge course and JLTC where developed from the white Stag program. I am sure that both training session are compatible, the biggest difference that I saw was the ticket and the receiving of the Silver Stag. In JLTC you receive a certificate at the end of the course.

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Whoa Dan!


Wood Badge was started in England in 1919, and came to the US in 1936. White Stag did not come along until 1958, 22-years after Wood Badge.


For a history of the BSA Wood Badge look here



For a history of White Stag look here.





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