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Cub Scout Religious Medals

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praypub.org is a good place to start. It is important to note that the religious awards are not a BSA program but are a BSA recognized program.


Each religion can set the standards for their own awards. Most, if not all, of the the Protestant religions use the "God and Family" program. Roman Catholics have their own as do Jews, Orthodox Christians, Buddists, Momorms and so on.

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TP, if I had meant "Mormons," I would have said, "The Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ."


The Momorms are a little known cult that comes from Transalpine Gaul and pre-date the invasion of Christianity by at least 2,000 years. Scoutldr is right, they do practice an ancient ritual of beagle eating and are responsible for the term "hot dog" being applied to sausage.


Their religious medal is known as "Me and you and a beagle named boo."

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Your Council should have a Religious Activities Committee. You can contact the council office and get a contact number for the chairperson. That person should have all the answers you'll ever need.


For new Cub Scout Leaders this can be a complicated exercise. You should be sure that the leaders understand that the religious awards are optional, and may be used for advancement, but are not required. The CS books contain the required achievement(s) in this area.

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Thanks to everyone who posted a reply.


The P.R.A.Y. website was a big help. I have ordered the necessary publications, and our pastor is happy to act as counselor, so we're off. The program looks quite challenging for my 8 year-old, but it will be good for him.


Thanx again,



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