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Religious reference letter for Eagle

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Seems the only thing hanging up his BOR is that his religious reference letter hasn't yet come in. 


Good advice so far in this thread.  Use someone else.  Write your own statement of spiritual beliefs.  Or have the parents write it.  Avoid the hot button words. 


Beyond that though, applications should not be held up because one or two of the reference letters did not come in.  The requirement is to provide names, etc.  The letters are really appreciated, but they are not required.

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Hi Charity, This might help, Make sure that the scout is using the actual BSA Eagle application and not a locally doctored version. The actual requirement is Requirement #2 Demonstrate that you

I think Bob White is completely correct in his explanation of the requirement. It states that the scout must supply the names of persons who "...would be willing to provide a recommendation...". This

I just want to point out that until yesterday, ALL of the posts in this thread were from 2003, as in 13 years ago.  There is no problem with reopening an old thread, although some people prefer not to participate in such threads.  The main reason I bring this up is that now that the thread is reopened and has jumped to near the top of the list again, some people are responding to threads from 2003.  Again, that is fine, but you should probably not expect a response.  CharityAK has not participated in the forum since 2003, approximately one month after this thread was last active.  Evmori, one of the most prolific posters in the history of this forum, stopped participating on a regular basis in 2008, though he did pop back in for one post in 2014 and another in 2015.  Some of the other names I see in the first 1.5 pages of the thread are also "blasts from the past."  

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