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Glad to be back in Scouting

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I've been reading these forums fairly regularly over the past three months and have enjoyed seeing other Scouters' ideas. As a youth, I was involved in Scouting from Bear all the way to Life. But through college, graduate school and general distractions, I let Scouting slip out of my life for about fifteen years. However, I recently re-registered in a council far, far away from where I was a Scout back in the day. Today, I am an assistant Scoutmaster, merit badge counselor, friend and mentor to several young, eager Scouts. I'm sure all of you know how special this is.


Every Monday I look forward to our Troop meeting. Also, since I've been working with three Scouts on the hiking merit badge, the weekends have been full of planning and actual hiking. We've been on a Troop campout/cycling adventure, one camporee dedicated to backpacking knowledge and an OA conference. Pitching my tent again after all these years, cooking meals on a camp stove, hiking, sharing my Scouting background with the younger Scouts has been so fun and, at the same time, eye-opening. It's interesting to see Scouting from the persepective of a 30-something as opposed to a teen.


I look forward to reading and re-reading these forums and, hopefully, adding my own thoughts.

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