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At what level do you want to volunteer? Unit, district, MB counselor? If you don't know of a unit with which you want to volunteer, I would contact you council service center and see if they can put you in touch with a unit that could use more adult leadership. It would then be up to the unit leadership whether or not they would like you on board. Or contact the councill and sign up to counsel merit badges for which you are qualified. Regardless of the postition you choose, you will need the current youth protection training (which you can do online), as well as the appropriate position-specific training. Welcome back!

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It depends on what you want to do in Scouting. How you want to volunteer your time.


At the very least you will have to go here -




Create an account, take Youth Protection Training, and print off a copy of your completion certificate when you finish.


Then you will need to visit your council offices. Talk to your District Executive about what you would like to do.


A good way to start back up is to register as a Merit Badge Counselor who is willing to counsel Scouts from the entire area. A Merit Badge Counselor does not have to pay National dues.


If you would like to volunteer in any other position, you will need to pay the annual National dues of $15.


If you are interested in working with a Pack/Troop/Crew/Ship, your DE can put you in contact with unit leaders.


If you are interested in volunteering with the Commissioner force, your DE can put you in contact with the District Commissioner.


Fill out a BSA adult application, attach a copy of your Youth Protection Training certificate, and give it to your District Executive.


Good luck, and welcome back!(This message has been edited by Scoutnut)

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Welcome back, WW. To be "current" in Scouting, you must register in a unit (Troop, Pack, Crew, Ship, etc), or as a member of the District or Council Committee. There are no "members at large", to my knowledge. As a Merit Badge Counsellor, you would be registered with the District. Like the others have said, decide what you are interested in doing (working directly with boys, work with units as a Commissioner, serving on a unit or district committee, etc), then contact your local council office and fill out an application. The new rules also require that all adults pass a background check, which the COuncil will do after you submit your application.

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Yeah I did the youth protection training on the national BSA site already along with other classes as well.

I am actually trying to get a new troop going in our church.

I have communicated with our DE and he is helping.

Any advice would be most welcome though.

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