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Scoutmaster Attitude

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As an ASM I always support the SM and try with the other guys take some of the load off. Some time I will be a "bad cop" to let the SM be the good guy. It is a real tough job and if he doesn't like riding with the boys he should be encouraged to sit one out.


I was feeling burn't out, sat home a few campouts and decided to focus my activities a bit and now I enjoy the ones I go on a bit.


Our last SM was a great guy but burn't out fast after a year--he must have been doing scout stuff 3-4 nights a week...

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I was the CM of the pack our troop is with while he was CC. I worked with him for about 3 years before he moved to the troop. We got along fine. When my son moved to the troop I went along with him. I did all of the online training that was required plus other training that wasn't. I took the Fast Start: Boy Scouting, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat and Weather Hazards, as well as Youth Protection.


I took everyone's advise and talked to the CC about my concerns and told him that I wouldn't be ASM after the recharter. I did tell him that I will still help with fundraising projects if they want me too. I am working 2 jobs, going to school and don't feel I have the time I can give to the troop to be fair to them. I can't go on camping trips without leaving a day early or coming on the day they come home since I work half of every weekend. I don't feel it's fair to the kids or fair to me that I can't give all of the attention they deserve.

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Here's a few observations after reading this thread:


1. Leave all the Cub Scout baggage at the door, the Boy Scout program in no way resembles the cub program, other then sharing the word "scout".

2. Parents and grandparents working with a scout on merit badge requirements ... video taping MB requirements to avoid work with approved MB counselors ... Yea, if I were the SM there we would have problems. There is a way things are done in Boy Scouts, and a reason why they are done that way(learn both). You state you're an ASM, what training have you had? Any MB work starts with the SM assigning an approved MB counselor. Please see number one.

3. Burn out, I'd be slow to apply that label. However, I'd be quick to say frustration is a factor, and quite likely with a few key parents who are making it difficult to run things correctly.

4. Five or six years is not a short time to do a unpaid volunteer job that likely takes as much time as his paid job.

5. A SM being gruff with a scout could be intentional, and isn't remotely a new thing. In fact, that may have been intentional, and likely had a point.

6. The SM said crap, and that's an issue? Are you kidding me, so what.

7. Give the SM the respect he deserves for his service, and get to know him before you judge him.

7. Stop being a problem, and join the SM in supporting the program.

8. Did I say get trained? After training all of this will begin to make sense.


If I've been gruff with you be assured there was a purpose behind it, to drive home a point. Often you have to get someones attention when they are overlooking the obvious, after being pointed out in way's that make you feel warm and fuzzy.


Coming from someone that has the BS Burn out;


1) If you don't like everything I do, come up with a plan and impliment it.

2) A SM term should not last more than 3 or 4 years. It's not fair to the troop.

3) The boys are the only ones I give a "Crap" about of what they think of me. I genearlly don't care what some parents think especially the ones that don't "get" the scouting program.

4) I once raised my voice to the troop on a campout for no really good reason other than them acting like kids along with a bad nights sleep. One of my older scouts came to me a short while later and asked me if I was ok?



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