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I wonder if several poverty area troops could pool resources to hold an out of the area fundraiser. For example a 10k fun run with half the proceeds to Komen race for the cure (or similar) and the rest to the troops.

Another would be to rent a shut-down restaurant or diner for three days on a busy hwy for an all you can eat chili lunch.

Scrap paper drives rarely bring in enough money due to their sporadic nature. But, if you can train your community that the first saturday of every month troops ### will be holding their monthly paper drive, you will get better returns for the effort

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Why do we have to pigeonhole people? Why all the emphasis on rich, poor, black, white, etc? This is Scouting, and those kids are Scouts. Plain and simple. Nothing more. Why be concerned over whether a troop is made up of rich kids, poor kids, black kids, Asian kids, etc? They are kids, and as adult leaders, we should treat and teach them based on that fact alone, not how rich or poor they are.

Yes, some troops and some scouts may be "more advantaged" than others, but so what? worry about your youth and giving them the best possible program that you can. Don't worry about what others do or do not have. The values of scouting are the same no matter what your economic status. That's where we should focus our energy.

As long as a boy is in a good quality unit, I don't care what unit, what economic status, what race, etc. all I care about is that they are getting the program the way it is supposed to be.


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I have a "Cans for Camp" Drive. The barrels are in a couple of mom and pop hardware stores and local carry out type places, they generate an income of $50-100 a month.....On my barrels I have a flyer that says the cans will be used for camping gear for the A boy scout troop and to help pay for camping for Boy scouts in need.


Yes I said I.....The troop leadership did not approve the idea so I did it on my own. I have an envelope the money goes in along with the ticket from the recycler and receipts from the troop. My fundraising has purchased backpacking tents for the troop, with a little help from my friends, wink wink. We used them last trip..... I put action shots of the boys on the barrels.


sometimes ya just gotta do what you gotta do....

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