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Why are American kids so spoiled?

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In the first post, I did not say spoiling children is a partisan issue.

In the second post, I explicitly said that I don't think it's a partisan issue.


If yeh didn't think it was a partisan issue, then why bring up right/left politics at all? Why not just address the argument?


However in both posts, I did mention the proclivities of lefty journalists and anthropologists to find fault with the modern US where they find good in other societies.


Yah, hmmm. Again, I don't see how it's at all relevant to da argument being presented about the current outcomes for kids in the U.S. It seems like it should be possible for folks to address the issue being presented without generalizing and stereotyping about the ethnicity of the author or an entire profession. Mentally awake and all that. ;)


It might well be that same-age grouping is a contributing factor or cause, but then same-age grouping is a cultural phenomenon of da U.S. and some other industrialized nations where we confine children to institutions for most of da workday so their parents can go off and do adult work. Absent comparison to another culture, it would be almost impossible to distinguish or comment on that effect. Yeh need a control or comparison group, eh?




Anyways, to bring it back around to Scouting, I reckon one of my concerns is that despite its potential to work counter to da trend, we're really bein' swept along by it. Look at da ever-increasing restrictions on activities (even in Scouting, a 6-year-old would not be allowed on a river trip accompanied by knowledgeable adults ;) ), and the long-winded discussion about how advancement for a 12-year-old doesn't include being able to cook as safely and successfully as that six year old.




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The majority of the most spoiled boys in my Troop have the most conservative parents--I do not think it is a right/left issue; it is it's own axis.


My boys:

How many of you had your own bathroom growing up? Boys share a bath. Until they were 10 all 4 of us share 1. No biggie.


How many had your own color tv witha video game conected to it: Well there is one (1) set with a videogame console. Lots of negotiating on what to watch--just like the good old days. 1 family computer too. No cable just rabbit ears. No Netflix--just the public library DVD's.


How many of you had your own pair of $50.00 sunglasses at age 10: Mine don't--are you crazy. If we get a $14 walmart pair it is a splurge. More like $5.


How many of you had your own $100 rod/reel combo at age 12? Not mine. Try $30.


Nah son, You don't need to do chores because we hire a housecleaning service, lawncare technition, we have a pool maintainance man, we hire out any odd things that need to be done around the house: We do as much as ourselves as possible. I don't do roofing anymore after I fell off.


Just relax and don't stress out. Jump in our big backyard pool and swim or ride in your own personal golf cart to the club house pool/grill and hang out with your friends. Hah, hah--your killing me. Usually belong to the City rec center/YMCA during the summer.


Just make sure you wear your $300.00 watch and $150.00 shoes so you don't look out of place: Target here we come!


I wonder about the other kids. If you are 12 and have all these peak experiences (ski trips, grand canyon, europe, sky-diving, crusies, scuba) man are you in for a BIG let down when you are on your own. What is left?

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"stereotyping about the ethnicity of the author"

-Huh? There was no reference to the authors' ethnicity in my post and no attention to it in my mind. About authors, I noted; two professions, one name, and political orientation.


Maybe since the name was a Spanish word, people who hold such stereotypes might stereotype the owner of that name as being Hispanic... and such a stereotyper might take mention of the name as reference to ethnicity. But it isn't. It's reference to "left..." izquierdo..." "izquierda..." you know, Spanish for the word "left." The fact that the word is Spanish is irrelevant... but maybe not to one who stereotypes all Hispanics as leftist. If that's where the "stereotyping about the ethnicity occured," then it occurred in a mind other than mine.


However regarding the charge of "stereotyping an entire profession..." - Today's anthropologists trend left in their politics. Some aren't and that makes them unusual in that regard among their professional peers. If being aware of that is stereotyping - well, OK.


"'...why bring up right/left politics at all? Why not just address the argument?"

-I didn't know I was addressing a specific argument... I thought I was addressing the OP which read: "Yah, this might be an interestin' read for discussion as it pertains to Scouting."

It was of some interest, and so I did discuss a little. We could reasonably disagree over whether or not my post met the "as it pertains to Scouting" proviso of the OP suggesting such discussion. But to invite us to discuss an article that is of a piece with what the New Yorker's own website describes on the very page on which that article appears as it's "signature mix of politics, culture and the arts" but then to say we should eschew politics....seems a bit fussy.


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