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Is the Show worth the Price of Admission?

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I am so glad to hear that for two reasons, first you are giving those boys the program they deserve, and second those SM's in my district use their weight as one excuse as to why the troop is not more active. You prove the point that anyone any size can deliver a quality program if they have the will and the drive to do so. Kudo's to you.

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"Is the show worth the price of admission?"


If you are thinking about an individual event, then no, not worth it. But when you look at the total time overall in years...yep! Definantly worth it.



I am lucky in that my son and I ( yes, I joined the troop too) joined a troop right as a transition is about to take place. Instead of just driving somewhere and camping, we are about to start hiking in and out from our camps.


We are planning a couple small hikes to get them condituoned, then we are looking forward to hiking in to a campsite, making a night of it, then waking up and hiking to the next campsite, making the night of it, then the next day hikin g to a 3rd spot for pick up to return home- without ever being at any one site twice during the event.


Looking to get the boys more patrol oriented. We camp at a council camp at our adopted site, and adults are seperate from trhe troops, but the site isn't big enough to do a real seperation of patrols. They might group together as a patrol, and be seperate by 15 fet or so, but they all still cook under one shelter at the same time.


I would like to see each patrol in their own area including any lessons the SPL or PL has planned instead of always having a "one big group" type of event that doesn't necessarily work with different ages and different ranks working on different things.


If this transitiuon works out as planned, then there is no doubt that the price is such a major bargain and definantly worth it!



Glad to be a scouter!


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