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Every Leader Needs To See This

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This was brought up at our District Committee meeting tonight, the gentleman in the video Dr Tom Andrew is and world class expert on this subject and Medical Examiner for the State of NH. He has seen these cases in his professional life and has published studies on this subject. He also happens to be an ASM and our District Membership Chair.


Please be aware and find out more about this dangerous "game"



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Thanks pchadbo.. I had heard about it before, and saw it on some show, but I was not aware it became a game of trying to get it posted to UTube, sort of like that the tebow craze (I guess now it's Planking).. Which of course will make them more popular.


I also had not seen that it was now such a social game, the show I watched made it out to be kids choking themselves with rope (like the boyscout who died.) Which I don't know if that makes it worse because there is no one to help you if you over do, better because less peer pressure and party game atmosphere so less would try it.. Or just different.

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