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Seen this some place, might have been here in the forum.

You find out that you have been blessed with a son.

The truth is what you have is a dog.

For the next 14 years or so, this little fellow follows you around. Heeds your every word, obeys your commands and more than anything wants to please you.

Then one day at about 13 or 14 this little fellow turns into a cat.

As a cat he is only interested in pleasing himself.

You only see him when he needs something or needs fed.

Ask him to do anything and he looks at you as if you are crazy.

Things remain this way for about ten years and then one day he turns back into being a dog again.


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"He's definitely NOT interested in girls ... at all!"


Okay - I know this is not really what you are asking about but... If he is 14, he IS interested in girls. He may not know what to do about it, and he will certainly NOT talk to you or his mom about it - but it is there - no matter how emphatically he denies it.



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