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My son just joined Scouting and I also as a leader or wherever they stick me. I was a Webelos, Boy Scout and a Sea Explorer. Things sure have changed a lot since I was in Scouts well except for the price tag of uniforms and other items.



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A tale hmmm, I remember a scout in my troop who ate all of the burned meat out of the ashes on a mountain man program at summer camp. While in Sea Exploring our ship went to a Boy Scout Camporee. This was a huge deal since we had young ladies with us and I remember all the SM's making specific threats about anyone caught near our ship's campsite. Had one young scout who tried to put the smooth moves on one of our explorers, he said people called him "Maverick" because he looked like Tom Cruise. later she said she had to bite her tongue hard to keep from laughing out loud. We cleaned up on some of the competitions and many Scouts were a bit miffed being bested by girls.

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